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Scroll down below to see all the inspiring programing we have available to commemorate Tisha B'av 2023.

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MJE 131 W 86th 10th Fl

Wednesday, August 25
8:17 PM: Fast starts
8:30 PM:  Explanatory reading of Eicha (Lamentations), an inspiring slideshow, and moving kumzitz

Thursday, August 26
9:30 AM: Morning Services with MJE 10th fl
10:30 AM: Kinot (Melancholy Reading) 10th fl
1:03 PM: Chatzot (Midday)
1:35 PM: Early Mincha with the Jewish Center 3rd fl
2:15 PM: Screening of movie with Jewish Center on 1st fl
3:45 PM: Screening of movie with Jewish Center on 1st fl
6:15 PM: Class with Rabbi Wildes "Baseless Hatred in a Cancel Culture: The Kamtza Story Revisited" 10th fl
7:50 PM: Mincha with Jewish Center 3rd fl
8:51 PM: Fast Ends

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The Pianist.jpeg

As a people, we have gone through expulsions across millennia, countries, and ethnicities. We have been uprooted, and forced to leave hostile environments; traveled with nothing on our backs creating new home after new home. We, of all people, should not only be sensitive and empathetic to the plight of refugees or anyone forced to leave their homes but active, involved, and moved!

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