Join 20s & 30s Jewish professionals in their for fun, spirited evening with dynamic guest speakers, delicious food and social atmosphere. Dinners begin with L'chaims, Shabbat services followed by a catered dinner, Israeli wines, open bar and buffet dessert!

MJE East Dinner Aug 26, 2022 Israel Night (8).png

Join MJE East & Onward Israel for our Israel Themed Courtyard Cookout Shabbat Dinner & Open Bar. Friday, August 26th @ 7PM E 86th & 2nd Ave outdoor courtyard (exact location sent upon acceptance) Questions? Email rachelb@jewishexperience.org Tickets by Application only Please apply below.

MJE East Dinner Application

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below. 


$36 The Planner (Ends August 20th)
$50 The Participant (Ends August 24th)
$60 The Procrastinator (Ends August 26th @ Noon

$25 for Graduate Students** 

7:00 PM Musical Services
7:45 PM Dinner
9:00 PM Speaker followed by Dessert

*Applications for this dinner will be reviewed and acceptance will be randomized. 

**Graduate Sudents get 50% off the full price ticket

-Upon sending in the application you will receive an email that we have received your application. The MJE Team will review applications and reply promptly. If you are accepted, you are not guaranteed a seat until you have bought a ticket. Tickets will go fast, so we recommend buying right away. 

-Sale prices are from when you buy the ticket, not from when you apply.