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You will always be apart of the MJE family!


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MJE has nurtured the educational, social and spiritual growth of over 14,000 participants. Launched in May 2012, the MJE Alumni Committee’s mission is to support the overall advancement of MJE’s mission. The Alumni Committee hosts diverse events and programs in an effort to maintain warm and close alumni connection to MJE, expose new communities and supporters to MJE’s inclusive teaching and philosophy, build a culture of philanthropy among the MJE family, and be a representative voice for MJE alumni.

The Alumni Committee is actively updating its database. We will be sending out further information soon with how you can help us update your contact information. As the committee and annual calendar is in formation, we invite you to join the committee to assist us in planning events, or bringing MJE to your town. Further, we invite you to submit event ideas, wants and needs.


We would very much welcome additional members to help plan these events! Please email if you have any questions.

You are also welcome to join the MJE Alumni Facebook Group and the MJE LinkedIn Group.


Meet the growing number of MJE’s married and engaged Young Couples through MJE’s ongoing couples programming. Make new friends, develop a sense of community and deepen relationships. Events include Shabbat Dinners, Guest Lecturers, Cocktail Parties, and other Social Events. Learn from and connect with the dynamic MJE educators and their families.

Sign up for exciting MJE Couples Events! Email for more info.


Coming soon!

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