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MJE is proud to provide our participants with opportunities to give back to the community! We look for regular opportunities to give back to Israel and support the IDF. We also team up with other organizations to deliver holiday packages to to those in need and run clothing drives!


“Shimon (son of Rabban Gamliel) says: It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world.” – Pirkei Avot 1:17


Annual Blood Drive

In memory of Jill Wildes' father, Irwin Brandfon z"l, our largest volunteer event is our annual Blood Drive & Mitzvah Fair. This year, we collected 80 pints of blood at the event which is enough to save approximately 240 lives! 

See details below!


Ping Pong Tournament for IDF

We regularly try to give back to Israel and support the IDF. We recently raised close to $5000 to put together care packages for the group of soldiers we visited on base in Israel.

Image by Giuseppe Argenziano

Community Helping Community

MJE teamed up with the Me'ver Corona Task Force to offer help to those in need, They recruited over 400 volunteer and completed 200 missions, from bringing groceries to the sick and elderly to cooking meals to collecting medical gear, in order to help our local Jewish community!

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2 Blood Drive & Mitzvah Day Instagram Thank You Post-Event.png


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