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Full Passover Schedule

Get a full, comprehensive schedule below of all that MJE is doing to prepare and celebrate for Passover!

MJE Sell Your Chametz

One way to avoid the prohibition of owning chametz on Pesach is to sell it to a non-Jew. It is customary to appoint the Rabbi as one’s agent to transact this sale.

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MJE Seders

 Join YJP's for safe, spirited, social, interactive and engaging OUTDOOR Seders. You are welcome to join us for the first night, second night or both! LOCATIONS TBD (1 on Upper West Side & 1 on Upper East Side). MJE Passover Seders are explanatory and user-friendly; to be enjoyed by YOU, no matter what your Jewish background is!


Kosher Questions?

How much cleaning do I have to do for Passover? Get all the how-to's and details that will make the process SO MUCH EASIER!!


You've got questions? Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal has answers!

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Classes with

Rabbi Mark Wildes

Join Rabbi Mark Wildes for Passover March Madness every Monday! Look forward to the Passover Workshop on March 15th and the Mock Seder on March 22nd!

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Passover in a Nutshell

An (almost) complete beginner-friendly guide to Passover in NYC. Click for resources on classes, grocery shopping, how to properly prepare for Passover, and much more!

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Classes with

Rabbi Avi Heller

Rabbi Avi will lead you through the Haggadah and give you extra tips and tricks to share with your family and friends! Feel confident going into your Seder this year, whether you are participating, listening or leading your meal, you will be super prepared!

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