PURIM 2021

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Get Ready to Party!

Are you Hungry Like the Wolf? Do you want to Dance with Somebody Time After Time? Well then don’t stop believin’ because it’s Purim baby!


We’re going hard for Throwback Thursday this year and what better decade to celebrate than the one that Gal Gadot’s new Wonder Woman takes place?? And, of course, the fashion. The fashion’s pretty iconic too (just look at our poster)!


We have lots of fun and excitement planned for scroll below to find out more!

Fullfulling the 4 Mitzvot

Participate in Purim in every way possible! To the right you will see the 4 Miztvot outlined as well as why we have certain customs like wearing masks!

Want an even deeper look into Purim? Click HERE.

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Mitzvah of Giving

Donate on HERE or on Venmo @EMC-329


Please make donations by Friday 12PM

One of the specific enactments (see Esther 9:22) made in regard to Purim was to give special gifts to the poor (minimum 2 gifts to 2 poor people) so that no person lacked the means to have a special Purim feast. Some have a custom not to turn away any person who asks for assistance on this day. Some authorities say the mitzva is only fulfilled on the day of Purim itself, so special groups collect money for distribution on Purim day. If you give charity money to any of the MJE Educators the night before, we will make sure it is delivered on Purim day.

MJE Megillah


Thursday, February 25th @ 7pm EST, we will be hosting a hybrid program where you can participate in-person or online, whatever your preference! If you would like to attend in-person (suggested for those who follow a halachick/Jewish law perspective), please register below. We will be capping our intake at 30 people per service—along with having masks, cross ventilation and HEPA filters—to keep things socially distanced and safe. If you feel more comfortable to join online, just hop on back over to Facebook for our livestream! 

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MJE Drive By

Friday, February 26th @ 9am EST, we will have an online Facebook Megillah reading followed by Rabbi Ezra Cohen and Rabbi Mark Wildes driving around the Upper West Side with hamentashen, coffee, hot chocolate & packets starting @ 11am. 


Instagram Costume Contest

Want to get social with your style? Tag MJE  @m_j_experience with the hashtag #mjepurim2021 on Instagram for a chance to win a gift card and be featured on our social media! First prize is $100 MJE Credit for future events, second prize is a $25 Amazon gift card and third prize is a $10 Amazon gift card! We will be reviewing photo submissions over the proceeding days and announce winners the following week.