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Oct 02
Oct 02
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East – Sunday Rosh Hashana Dinner

October 2 @ 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Oct 02

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Shabbat Times for New York City

Friday 9/23 | Candle Lighting: 6:34 pm

Saturday 9/24 | Shabbat Ends: 7:33 pm

Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner this week is at @ MJE East!

Shabbat @ MJE West

131 W 86th st, 10th floor

6:45 pm | Friday Night Lights with Joshua Klein
Musical Guest Eli Schwebel and Guest Speaker Arielle Shimko

9:30 am | Beginner’s Services

10:30 am | Torah Reading (white room), Cafe Connect (blue room)

11:00 am | Sermon delivered by Rabbi Mark Wildes
 Topic: “It’s The Little Things…”

11:45 am | Kiddush -This week’s kiddush is sponsored by Anonymous.

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Shabbat @ MJE Downtown
Saturdays, 10:00am @The Loft
with Rabbi Ezra M. Cohen, 10:00am @ The Loft
37 East 28th Street
Join our weekly user friendly no Hebrew necessary Shabbat prayer services, followed by catered brunch with Starbucks, bagels, lox and le’chaims!
Lecture Topic: TBA
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Lennon family

by Rabbi Mark Wildes

Rabbi Mark Wildes’ opening remarks at the 2016 MJE Annual Ruth B. Wildes Memorial Event/ “JOHN LENNON VS THE USA” by Leon Wildes Book Launch | September 7, 2016 @ Cardozo School of Law

Thank you all for coming tonight.

Tonight is a very exciting evening for our family because it marks two important events. First is the launch of my father’s long awaited book on his extraordinary representation of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Tonight is also the 21st Annual Memorial event, which we hold each year in memory of our mother Ruth Wildes, of blessed memory.

I cannot think of a more appropriate way to remember my mother than by having this book warming event tonight. My father dedicated his book to my mother’s memory and to John’s and it was so appropriate that he did so – because the kind of family person our mother was, turned out to be a huge part of the relationship that John and Yoko had with our parents. In the years during which my father represented the Lennons, John had taken a break from the world of music to become more of a family man, to be a better husband and to become a father. However the people John and Yoko surrounded themselves with were mainly artists and musicians, not necessary family oriented people. And then they met my parents and specifically my mother. My mother was a huge Beatles fan (unlike my father who had actually never heard of the Beatles) but what my mother took the greatest pride in – what she truly valued, was her role as a wife and as a mother. She was a giving person by nature and she loved to give to her family, something John and Yoko admired and wanted to learn from when creating their own family.


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Lennon family

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Rabbi Mark Wildes' opening remarks at the 2016 MJE Annual…
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