Jewish Prayer Class Series

Pray Jewish Shabbat Class Manhattan JEwish Experience

Join Rabbi Wildes for a class series on Jewish Prayer – Wednesdays at 8PM at MJE West (131 West 86th St. Fl 10). Dinner and wine served!

Why should I pray?

How do I not take lift for granted?

All these questions and more answered!

Sex, Love & Happiness Class Series

Class series social event at Manhattan Jewish Experience MJE


What is the Torah’s perspective on Sex, Love, Intimacy, Happiness and  Relationships? Hint: It’s not what you think!

Join young Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s for light dinner, wine and interactive seminars led by Rabbi Mark Wildes in a warm and relaxed setting. Beginners welcome! $5 cover.


Feb. 4 | The Torah Perspective on Sex and Intimacy

Feb. 11 | Modern Love and & Dating

Feb. 18 | Conflicts with Parents in Adulthood

Feb. 25 | The Secret to Happiness