NEXT LEVEL with Rabbi Mark Wildes

Wednesdays @8pm | MJE West

MJE West | 131 W 86th st, 10th floor
light refreshments served, suggested donation $5 covers both this class and One on One Learning

Interested in taking your Jewish knowledge to the next level? Join Rabbi Mark Wildes for an in-depth study of the most fundamental aspects of Jewish law and practice as well as their philosophical underpinnings.

Next Level is generously sponsored by Jeffrey and Suzanne Rubin in Memory of their
grandparents Seymour and Chana Lubliner and Bernard and Sarah Schwechter z”l


Blessings 1: Philosophy & practice of blessings before eating.Blessings 2: Philosophy & practice of blessings after eating; Understanding Bircat Hamzon: Grace After Meals.Understanding Purim: Learn the themes of the holiday and how they are reflected in the special observances of the day. PURIM is March 9 through 12Tzedaka: Understanding the Jewish approach to charity both in thought and practice.

Passover 1: Understanding the philosophy & ideology of Pesach, Chametz and Matzah

Passover 2: The halachic ins and outs of Pesach preparation and observance

Passover 3: Understanding the Seder and the Omer period