Jill Wildes Manhattan Jewish Experience

Jill Wildes


Hailing from Great Neck, Long Island, Jill started to become more involved in her Judaism after finishing college at the University of Wisconsin where she studied International Relations. Shortly after graduating from Rabbi Buchwald’s Beginner Services at Lincoln Square Synagogue, she went on to study at the Shearim and Nishmat seminaries in Israel and the Drisha Institute back in NY.  Jill completed her Masters in Social Work at Yeshiva University and went on to co-found MJE with Rabbi Mark (who she met in MJE’s “blue room”) three years after they married. She is the proud mother of Yosef, Ezra, Yehuda and Avigayil and is best know for her warmth and hospitality, having cooked for and hosted over 10,000 MJEers at her expanding Shabbat table.