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About Grads.MJE

Welcome to Grads.MJE, the newest and most exciting community for Jewish Graduate Students in New York City. Housed within the Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE), Grads.MJE focuses on creating a sense of community and inspiration for graduate students who seek to explore Jewish life and meet new people. In addition to connecting to larger MJE programs, Grads.MJE offers special opportunities for “student-specific” programs; personal, professional, and academic mentorship; discounts and swag perks; and so much more!


To sign up for Grads.MJE and learn more, click here:

Paid Leadership Opportunities

A featured part of Grads.MJE is the Campus Leadership Fellowship. Composed of one student from each school, this cohort will help steer Grads.MJE under the direction of Jordan Stecker, MJE Director of Graduate Student Initiatives. While helping with community outreach and attending monthly development meetings, Campus Leadership Fellows will be trained in aspects of Jewish values, leadership, and communication. Those who successfully participate in this cohort will receive several perks including free admission to MJE programs, a formal professional mentor in their field, and a generous stipend.

For more information about the Grads.MJE program please reach out to

Jordan at

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