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Failure At Work Isn’t Failure At Life

NOW FEATURED ON TIMES OF ISRAEL While Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis was struggling through the longest hitless streak in Major League baseball, he received the following letter from a nine-year old boy: “Dear Mr. Davis, There are two things I want you to know. First, the way you play baseball has nothing to do […]

The Jewish Mindfulness Series: Part III

NOW FEATURED ON TIMES OF ISRAEL Part Three: The Shema In my last entry, we discussed the critical role prayer and blessings play in achieving mindfulness.  Whether it’s simply thanking God for being alive (by reciting the Modeh Ani prayer upon arising) or that our bodies are functioning properly (ie-the After-Bathroom blessing), Jewish prayer reminds […]

The Jewish Mindfulness Series: Part II

NOW FEATURED ON TIMES OF ISRAEL Part Two: The Power of Blessings In my last blog on Judaism and Mindfulness we discussed how today’s fast paced world has created a greater need for mindfulness and how Jewish tradition, through a focused performance of mitzvot, enables us to achieve that much-needed awareness. We reviewed how the mitzvot are […]

The Jewish Mindfulness Series

NOW FEATURED ON TIMES OF ISRAEL Part One: The Contemporary Craze & The Jewish Approach Mindfulness and its positive impact on our lives is nothing new. Knowledge about meditation and its ability to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain, is centuries old. Becoming more aware and present as well as more appreciative […]