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Judaism’s Response to “Workism”

NOW FEATURED ON TIMES OF ISRAEL Last week I met with one of my students for an early morning Torah study session. My student, let’s call him Michael, looked utterly exhausted. “You okay?”, I asked. “Late night at the office” was Michael’s reply. When I asked him how late he answered: “3AM.” Over my twenty […]

When Silence is a Crime

By Rabbi Mark Wildes Now featured on Time of Israel!   The Virtue and Crime of Silence Silence can sometimes be a virtue. For example, when the Biblical figure Aaron lost his two sons in a tragic episode, Aaron’s silent acceptance of the Divine decree was seen as meritorious. Silent acceptance of a sad or […]

Type in ‘Jewish’ and ‘Money’: See What Comes Up

By Rabbi Mark Wildes  NOW PUBLISHED ON TIMES OF ISRAEL     On November 9, Twitter user @voidmstr tweeted at Shutterstock, a leading American stock photography company, an image hosted on their site that depicts Jews as money hungry people, an age-old anti-Semitic stereotype. It took five days until the image and the related photo […]

Some People Take Revenge. Jews Do Something Else

By Rabbi Mark Wildes       The Jewish Sages teach, based on the life of the matriarch Sarah, that a righteous person never stops growing. A pious person never becomes complacent where they are, no matter what their age. That’s why one of the most striking things about the terrible attack in Pittsburgh was […]

Kavanaugh & Ford: Two Jewish Principles at Stake

By Rabbi Mark Wildes       Watching Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford during the confirmation hearings was upsetting, shocking, and anything but bipartisan. However, if we remove all the politics involved, the situation raises two ethical issues: sexual morality and speech. Both are fundamental Jewish principles and go to the very heart of […]

Looking Beyond the Instant to Find Happiness

NOW UP ON THE TIMES OF ISRAEL By Rabbi Mark Wildes Where the Happiest People Live A new study surveying 20,000 young people from 20 different countries reveals a fascinating trend when it comes to people’s level of happiness. The study, conducted by the Varkey Foundation, called “Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey – What the World’s […]

Marching Against Bias

NOW UP ON THE TIMES OF ISRAEL By Rabbi Mark Wildes Last week, as MJE has done for 20 years, we marched in the Annual Celebrate Israel Parade. The parade was watched by over 40,000 people and included officials such as New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Israel’s Ambassador to the […]