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From Adversity to Celebration

BLOG POST: Rabbi Jonathan Feldman March 29, 2018 Life has its ups and downs.  We have some good months, and we have some not so good months.   At one moment we get a promotion, and then we lose a job, we have a good relationship, and then we get heartbroken. But there are times in […]

AIPAC 2018: Israel Stands Strong

BLOG POST: Rabbi Jonathan Feldman March 7, 2018 Most years at AIPAC there is a crisis issue swirling around in the air:  The Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel-Palestinian Peace Negotiation, a UN condemnation of Israel…  This year there was no one issue that dominated the agenda.  Yes, all of these issue are still swirling around, and […]

The Message of the Hurricanes Before Rosh Hashanah

These past two weeks have seen unprecedented destruction sweeping across the United States. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey an estimated 30,000 people will need temporary shelter, 14 000 national guards were activated to help save people and 450 000 will need disaster assistance from FEMA.  Losses due to destruction are estimated at $75 billion.  […]

Remembering Mayer Offman obm (of blessed memory)

Mayer: You had a heart of gold and so many people loved you. Shifra and I were privileged to be your partner in outreach at Manhattan Jewish Experience for 16 years, and we thought we had many more years of working together. In Pirkei Avoth, the Ethics of the Fathers 4:17, the Rabbis speak about […]

From Adversity to Improvement

Rosh Hashanah 2016 | MJE East It is difficult to imagine what it would be like to be wiped out financially, to lose everything you have, including your home. This is what happened recently to someone I know, let’s call him Jim. Jim spent three years and his life savings building up an IT company. The […]